We create authentic 'slow luxury' garments, made to be used and cherish for years to come.

Our purpose

We bring together the knowledge from tailoring and the best quality materials to create unique pieces for modern living.

Sophisticated pieces, for anyone who wants to be effortlessly elegant. From dazzling whiteness and purity to vibrant colors, always with a soft touch and extraordinary resistance.

Our love for the craft

The people behind our pieces have decades of experience and dedication to crafting premium garments. They are selected based on their exceptional level of skill - a statement of deep dedication to a high quality.

We don’t believe in mass production that leads to extreme waste, and unethical use of labor. We don’t overproduce so we don't have stock or warehouses of unsold clothes. 

Our approach

Pursuing sustainability translates into the principles of responsibility, quality, and innovation that guide our actions starting from the choice of raw material.

We work with local and international suppliers to source the highest quality and most sustainable materials. We choose suppliers who have OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certifications for the absence of toxic substances in the raw materials, the semi-finished and finished products like the Albini Group. 

We have an uncompromising dedication to pursuing good working environments, believing in a shared vision of improving every step of the production process, from material to finished garment.

Become our stockist

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