The quality of our pieces begins with the selection of the most premium materials

The finest fabrics

All pieces are made from premium materials to guarantee a soft touch and a pleasantly fresh feeling of lightness on the skin.

We work with local and international suppliers to source the highest quality and most sustainable materials.

We choose suppliers who have OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certifications for the absence of toxic substances in the raw materials, the semi-finished and finished products like the Albini Group. 

Every detail counts

Every detail of our shirts is carefully thought and the materials are thoroughly selected.

All our pieces are stitched with a 3mm edge sitting per cm ensuring an elevated look and an enduring piece

All the buttons for the main collections are made from Australian mother pearls. The over-shirts have hemp buttons. And, the signature Collection shirts have stainless steel cuff buttons, adding a special touch.

Decades of experience and dedication to crafting premium garments

From sewing to ironing

Expertise and dedication are invested into each detail.

The people behind our pieces have decades of experience in crafting tailor-made premium garments, all details are deeply considered.

We hand-stitched the most delicate pieces, luxurious buttons, and other finishing touches.

The final step is to iron the piece which gives a detailed shape and structure to the work.


Unique and sophisticated packaging inspired by wine boxes.

To buy in Alfonso Spada is an experience that begins when you receive your box at home and prolongs to many years using our pieces.

Aligned with our values and pursuit for sustainability, all the paper used in our packaging is from G.F.Smith.